Sunday, January 28, 2007

and we're off...

it's been a while since i've written in here, and a lot has happened in the past few months. i was officially accepted with SEND International right before christmas break, and i recieved my information packet shortly thereafter. however for some reason, i was not excited. something didn't feel right. so i let the packet sit with my things for the three weeks of christmas break, only to actually read it the night before returning to school. it would be an adventure, for sure, but was i ready? was i doing the right thing? it didn't sit well with me that i had to raise well over $2000 to travel to poland for two weeks, and do what? help at a coffee house? sure that would make ME happy, but what was my motivation?

i returned to pbu for our annual mission's conference, where i was greeted by david and elizabeth givens, the missionaries who traveled with the chorale to europe in may! we even planned another "chorale reunion" where we watched clips from our concerts from tour! during the week, liz talked to me about an opportunity in poland to work at an english camp in wroclaw - the two weeks after my scheduled two weeks in lubin. i would already be there, and could just take a train to wroclaw! i prayed, thought, and talked with the SEND team about extending my stay to a month.

my questions and anxieties about the trip slowly began to fall away as i got more and more excited. so now, the plan goes as follows:

july 18th - depart from usa
july 19th - arrive in lubin, poland
minister at cafe logos
august 4th - travel by train to wroclaw, poland
meet up with a small team from SEND to help at an English camp
august 20th - leave poland, bound for michigan
august 21st - debrief at SEND headquarters
august 22nd - finish debrief, jump on a plane for connecticut
see my family!!!

of course, this is going to be one crazy summer, but i am actually really excited about it. i like the idea of this adventure before me and so far, i feel comfortable with the unknowns involved. God has some big things planned, and i'm sure i am not even seeing the beginning of it right now.

thank you for reading and if you think of it, please keep me in your prayers as i begin to send out my support letters!

God bless!