Monday, February 12, 2007

team wroclaw.

the need was for a team of THREE to go to the english camp in august. we have a definite TWO - myself and evelyn. evelyn and i got an email saturday morning saying that we needed to find a third person by the end of the week, or we would have to call off the trip. i had not even thought that this would have been a possiblility! (i mean, come on, who would pass up a chance to go to poland?!) at lunch that day, i sat with my friend rachel. i told her about the email and she asked me for more information about the trip. i shared with her what we would be doing and she said that she might be interested! so last night she talked with her parents...and they are supportive of her going! so now we are praying and waiting until thursday for her final answer. she seems so excited about it, and i really am too. so please pray with us for rachel as she makes her decision!

as for me, i've sent out a few support letters so far and i'm waiting on more addresses (i really need to call home about that...) and for the go ahead from my church's missions committee to send letters to the congregation.

we're getting closer! =)