Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a testimony to His faithfulness.

i am amazed, simply amazed - and humbled - at the goodness of our Lord.

FIRST OF ALL, yesterday i went to the dentist (something i should have done MONTHS ago) and on the way back i saw a sign which read, "FRESH KIELBASA $2.99." "that's interesting," i thought, "i bet a polish market would advertise something like that..." and i quickly turned into the parking lot. lo and behold, there stood a polish-american market. i walked in and my eyes were caught by the DOZENS of brands of european chocolate which lined the small aisle. across from that, the meat counter where there was indeed fresh kielbasa among other meats. behind the meats were fresh polish pastries and above them, polish candies. the owner must have sensed my excitement (and the fact that i was a brand new customer) and came over to introduce himself. i told him how i had just been to poland and was so excited to have found his store. he told me his story in coming to the states and told me to make myself at home, and i could practice my polish there i liked. the store only consisted of two aisles, but they were filled with polish and european products that i have never seen in this country - juice, candy, soup packets (see, it's the simple things!), water (yes, bottled polish water!), as well as polish magazines, books, cds, and dvds. with what little cash i had, i purchased "jabłko mięta" tymbark juice (apple mint!) and promised to come back soon to buy some fresh kielbasa. as i got in my car, i turned on a polish song from a mix my friend beth had made and was so THANKFUL to have gotten to step back into that world. i thought about the language and that even hearing the "polish ryhthm" in the man's voice made me feel so at home. what is it about that language for me? it makes me melt. (the man at the store told me that the best way to learn the language is to get a polish boyfriend, haha!) hearing the language in my own country makes me want to cry tears of joy because it reminds me of what i love so much. i cannot explain my love for this country, the language, or its people other than it is what God has put on my heart. and even though while i am away, it hurts - i thank Him so much for it.

my summer continues to be incredible. there are hard times, and i am definitely feeling growing pains and the tension that comes along with growing up. at the same time, i am SEEING how God is working in and through me HERE, and that is amazing. in my journal on june 6th i wrote, "i am willing to do hard things, as long as (and i don't want to put stipulations, but as a request) i can have some joy interspersed... sunsets on the lake, late night outings with becca, random road trips, fellowship with ashley." i am AWED to see now, nearly two months later, that's EXACTLY what i've received - PLUS SOME. plus more joy and exciting adventures that i could have imagined and more growing experiences that i'm surviving.

if that's not enough, just when i ran low on my money - that's when i receive a call from my dad asking, "when are you avaiable to work? you can start tomorrow." today i started a data entry job at my dad's company. it's a place where there are familiar faces and they are flexible with my schedule. (plus, i get to see my dad and brother during the day!)

my heart is so overwhelmed with evidences of God's faithfulness and goodness in my life.

Monday, July 21, 2008


finally! pictures from this years poland trip have been posted. check out pictures from before and after camp, to see into my life spent with teachers, missionaries, and students. view the excitement of the english camp through my two albums of camp pictures. (album ONE / album TWO)

they say a picture can tell a thousand words. to suppliment those words, i've also added captions to tell you a little more of our exciting activities.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm back!

i'm back at my home in connecticut after quite a long day of traveling. =)

more later!!! FOR SURE! there's so much to say! (but right now, what i need to do is SLEEP!)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

happy fourth of july! =)

ola loves to learn about america!

americans (and bartek!) celebrating independence day! (jackie, scott, rebecca, beth, bartek, me, rebecca, davy)

please continue to pray for the students, that God would work in their lives! and the the staff that we would love them well and have strength and patience and enough sleep! =)