Sunday, March 23, 2008

He came. He will come again.

in church this morning we began singing the doxology to end our easter celebration service:

praise God from whom all blessings flow
praise Him all creatures here below
praise God above ye heavenly host
praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

as we began this refrain, it suddenly hit me: today we gather as a body to celebrate something which people had been waiting AGES for. Christ's coming was prophesied by daniel and isaiah among others.

imagine the thousands of people who prayed that God would send the messiah to save them.
imagine the people of israel crying out for a savior.
imagine the hope of those who awaited messiah.

and today we celebrate the fact that HE CAME. HE DIED. AND HE ROSE AGAIN. God promised, and God gave. God fulfilled His promise to send His Son once, and so we can trust that He will fulfill His promise to send His Son AGAIN. we, like israel, wait in anticipation for Christ's return.

so today, we praise Him that He came, died, and conquered death. and we celebrate in anticipation that He will come again, just like He said He would.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

only $8.

last week i mailed out over 200 support letters! it's exciting to have so many people involved in what i'm doing, even if it just means reading the letter i wrote.

now financially, according to my calculations...
(you can see i had fun with the calculator!)

(1) if EVERY person who received my letter gives $8, i will reach 100% support.


(2) if 10 people give $50, and everyone else gives $5, i will reach 100% support!

this just shows, every dollar helps! : )

Monday, March 03, 2008

a welcome break.

spring break. a time for rest, relaxation, and adventure? well first of all, it's not spring yet. why do we have spring break during potential snow storms? who knows. i'm up in connecticut praying for warmer weather and for all of this snow to melt. today we had a small taste of spring as the temperatures climbed into the upper 40s, nearing 50. i was able to get out and take a walk in our local state park and enjoy the sunlight and time spent out in nature.

what about the word "break"? this is a break from classes, a break from work, and a break from the familiar routine - that's for sure. but i'm trying to get a lot of homework done as well. tomorrow, i'll head down to the library for the day in the hopes of accomplishing some research.

i also have been able to spend some quality time with my younger siblings, something that isn't done quite as often as i'd like.

another item on this week's to-do list is to write my poland support letters! these need to be written and sent out to the members of Trinity Church and my own friends.

here's hoping for a productive AND restful break!