Sunday, March 25, 2007


i googled the name of the town where our english camp is going to be (podgorzyn), and i found these pictures:

isn't that BEAUTIFUL! this is south west of wroclaw (where the chorale stayed last may), and it's pretty close to the czech border. those are the karkonosze mountains (thanks, tim!!!).

it's less than four months away!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

it's been too long, folks.

i'm sorry that i haven't updated in so long! i have been quite busy with school work and this weekend i am with my dear friend as she is getting married in twelve hours! because of that, i cannot write much but i wanted to give you a quick update.

we currently do not have a third person for our team - BUT THAT'S OKAY! we're going anyway! =) the dates have been figured out for the english camp and it is officially: august 9-20. not only that, but we also have a location - in podgorzyn, poland (though i don't have any more details than that).

as for financially - i have almost ONE THIRD of my finances! over spring break i sent out 120 support letters to the members of my congregation (yay trinity!).

things are really moving along, and i'm not in the second half of the semester! that means that (a) summer is quickly approaching and (b) the work load is significantly increasing! but i must admit that i am loving my classes and loving what i'm learning!

well, i must be off to bed. there's a wedding in the morning!