Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'm IN!

i am officially appointed to SEND for full time service as a MOBILIZER!
let the games begin! :D

(my name badge!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

update from a "COPer"

psychological evaluation: check.
language acquisition test: check.
bible exam: check.
prayer card photo shoot: check.
chapel testimony presentation: check.

personel interview: SATURDAY, 10am.
this is when eight members of the personel committee meet with me for about an hour. i present why i want to go into missions, and then they can ask me ANY question they want to. i've been prepared for a few questions they may ask, but i am still a little nervous and actually a little excited too. so saturday, by 3pm, i should know the official decision.

today the international director met with us to introduce the six core values of SEND (dependency, integrity, servanthood, belonging, urgency, and unity in diversity) and to go over the Spiritual Covenant we will sign upon introduction into the organization. looking over that covenant and talking about the values, it finally hit me that this is a BIG DEAL. this is not just some short term assignment or work, what i am doing right now is preparation for the rest of my life (more immediately, the next 4-5 years). but most importantly, i know that right now, i am exactly where God wants me. earlier in the week, i wondered and prayed about going to poland for a term before mobilization - God very clearly shut that door for me right now, and even renewed my excitement for mobilizing. this also made me realize that i am only taking the next step in front of me right now - my life is going to be a crazy adventure from here on out, and i would have it no other way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

journey: SEND

i almost wrote the title as, "destination: send," but then i realized that this is not a destination at all, it's a journey. and i need to keep reminding myself of that. these past few days, my friend krisi and i contemplated this thought while we moved her and her husband to columbus, ohio. we took each day as it came even though we didn't know what to expect, who we would see, or what the weather would do. the destination was not ohio, but it was just part of the journey. and let me tell you - that made the eight hour car ride a lot better.

so we worked our tails of moving the tv, the couch, the mattress (through a narrow stairway), the washing machine, and all of the books and other necessary living items (though books are always at the top of MY list). it was hot, we were a mess at the end of the day, but it was such a good time. and productive too! then yesterday i got a tour of ohio state university and downtown "cbus." the biggest university in the states is MUCH different from PBU. the gym alone had 8 basketball courts and a suspended walking track. there were so many cool buildings and of course, the babyducks (the lack of a space is intentional, that's how krisi's husband pronounced it). i met some of krisi's awesome friends in ohio and i got to spend some time at timmy horton's. seriously, what could be better? oh - we ate thai food.

this morning i got on a greyhound at 6:45am and began my journey up to farmington hills. i met some great conversations in the bus ride and during the layover in detroit. it's so interesting that i sit on the bus wanting to sleep and read and yet the Lord always has other plans.

so now i'm at SEND, now sitting in the dining area to access the internet. it's going to be a long two weeks and i'm actually glad for that. i want to soak everything in and pray A LOT. can you please pray for me too? please pray for wisdom, guidance, strength, and that i would truly seek GOD during these two weeks.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

musical moving day!

i woke up this morning to the melody and fragrance of light rain and a calm breeze. my air mattress, being slightly deflated, felt like a hammock. i woke up at rest. this does not happen too often.

today, is musical moving day. krisi is on her way over to get me on her way to picking up another friend at the airpirt. then we'll head to her current apartment, crank the music, and party while we pack. it's the only way to go.

these past couple of days have been relatively restful ones. i've managed to continue to make my way through Lost with a mere six episodes left until the next season premere in january 2010, i think i have time. yesterday i also was able to sit and journal for a while, the first time i have written so much since graduating.

tonight's the packing party, tomorrow we leave for ohio! and tonight i sleep on a four inch memory foam. goodbye hammock, hello cloud.

Monday, June 15, 2009

on the road again!

getting ready to leave tomorrow for my whirlwind of a three weeks!

here's the schedule:

june 16th - arrive trenton, nj
lunch with tricia
back to carrie's house!
june 16th - june 17th - hang out with carrie!
june 18th - arrive at the hotel nasse ;-)
june 19th - help the nasses move to OHIO!
june 21st - wake up at the butt crack of dawn to take the bus to michigan
june 21st - july 3rd - candidate orientation at SEND International!

then july 3rd will start that crazy roadtrip on home to connecticut. it will surely be an awesome three weeks. i'm so excited to catch up with friends and get to know new people and see new places. i'm also really looking forward to spending a lot of alone time with God - on the bus, the train, or in my mornings. i realize that i am so much more consistant when i have a structured day (spending time alone with God is something i need to work on when my days are unstructured as they have been). i'm anticipating learning A LOT about myself and about my future ministry over the next few weeks as well. i really want to keep YOU all updated as it goes, so i'm going to do my best to be more consitant with updating this blog! so please stay tunes, leave comments or random thoughts of your own - i'm always love hearing from you.

right now, i'm up working on packing (have i ever mentioned that i don't like packing?), and working on some assignments SEND gave me, and my wonderful sister is making me a smoothie of some sorts - she said, "you're going to love it so much you're just going to want to know what's in it!" so far all i know is - we have no milk, she threw away the expired yogurt, and she asked me if the cherries were still good. so we'll see!