Tuesday, May 15, 2007

school's out, for the summer.

well life has certainly calmed down a little for the time being. with no more papers, exams, and massive amounts of articles to read, i can focus on other things. for the time being, those other things have included settling into my room at heritage (which will only last another two and a half weeks...), catching up with friends (many of whom i have regretfully neglected due to school work), and reading for fun again (i'd like to finish les miserables before leaving for poland... we shall see how that works out. haha).

now other things must be focused on! there is reading to be done for SEND training and thank you cards to be written! not to mention, keeping good folks like you updated. =)

so here's the latest update! now, i need 100% of my support by JUNE 25!!!
currently, i have about 59%, $1510 left to raise.
my plane ticket to poland will be bought sometime this week. yikes!
SEND training begins on JUNE 3 in michigan!
(though i'll fly out on the 2nd to visit a friend in ann arbor!)

this is all really happening!!! =)